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Delta Junction, Alaska

Help Wanted

~ Meat Cutter, Butcher, Sausage Maker Position ~


This is a meat processing position in a USDA packing plant located in Delta Junction, ALASKA. Looking for individual with Meat Cutting Experience in the Retail Grocery, Packing Plant or Custom Meat Processing field.

Job Description: Retail or Custom Meat Cutter, including processing custom big game animals. Slaughter and sausage experience helpful but not necessary. Would be responsible for breakdown and fabrication of primal meat cuts, slaughter floor, operating sausage equipment, including lifting and weighing meats and preparing meat for retail sale.


Operation of ban saws, hand saws, knives, grinders, sausage stuffers, smoke house, hoists, fire arms, and other various processing equipment. Must follow USDA safe food handling requirements.


Retail Meat Cutting Experience Helpful or Experience in custom shop or experience handling game meat. Must be responsible, conscientious, strong work ethic, and honest. Adhere to all safety features and company policies, work independently productively. On the job training will be provided. Wage will depend on entry with the opportunity to increase with employees proven skills and work ethic.

Salary Range: $40,000+

Years of Experience: 1-2 preferred

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