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Delta Meat and Sausage
Attention Hunters!

Make Delta Meat & Sausage your one-stop for Alaska Grown All Natural Meats with USDA inspected Home Grown All Natural Beef, Pork, Buffalo, Elk, Reindeer and Yak Meats.

Our Galloway X Beef are raised without antibiotics or added hormones. They are fed a healthy, all-vegetarian diet of lush grasses, raised on the farm and allowed to grow at their own pace. All-natural choices mean you can feel good about what you are serving your family -- beef that doesn’t contain nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, MSG, cereal fillers or any artificial ingredients to enhance the flavor or texture. It is natural beef that is wholesome, healthy and affordable. You can taste the freshness with meats grown without hormones, steroids or antibiotics and finished on green dried grasses.

Grass fed Alaska beef and domestic game meats are healthy choices for Alaskans and everyone interested in better health. And raising pork 3,000 miles closer than the nearest packing house means freshness and a taste beyond compare -- you need to try our delicious pork chops, ribs, smoked hams & bacon!

Hunters from all over Alaska choose Delta Meat to process their moose, caribou, sheep and other Alaska game animals.

Contact Delta Meat today and remember Delta Meat products make great gifts!

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