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Delta Meat and SausageOrdering a Quarter, Half of Whole Beef

We offer Alaska Grown beef that is wholesome, healthy and affordable. You can taste the freshness! Our beef is grown without hormones, steroids or antibiotics and finished on lush dried grass. Naturally lower in calories and saturated fats. The average sides run around #260 lbs hanging wt. We package for family size two, with two steaks per package, 1.5 lb. packages of ground meat and about a 4 lb sized roasts. The price is based on hanging wt. You will lose weight from aging, and processing. The average boxed weight for a side of beef will be around 200#lbs of fully processed cuts of beef.

U.S.D.A. Inspected Plant #20892
  - Slaughter & Processing   Facility
Custom Big Game Processing
Alaska Grown - All Natural Meats
Custom Smokehouse
No Hormones or Steroids Gift Boxes & Dog Treats
Grass Finished Galloway/Angus Beef
  - All Natural Pork -B.B.Q. Hogs
Alaska Grown Reindeer
  - Elk - Yak & Buffalo Meat
  - Fresh & Smoked Sausages
Ham, Bacon & Breakfast Sausage
Free Parking, Pens & Sausage Samples
RVs Welcome - Picnic Tables    

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Custom Orders: We would be happy to put together a custom gift box. This beautiful reusable wooden crate can be filled to your specifications with a wide variety of Alaskan made products and souvenirs. We carry a wonderful selection of Alaska made gifts that can be put into your gift box, or order alone! Call Us or Email Us for prices and availability. Please let us know how we can help you make someone’s day a little bit brighter with a gift box from Delta Meat and Sausage Company!

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